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Busy Night: Upgdating everything that moves


Two and a half hours after iOS 5 became available I’m still hard at it downloading and installing. My iPhone took exactly two hours to update, including the download time of 20 minutes. I am now updating the iPad, which requires a separate download. In addition I installed the OS X update (10.7.2) to both my iMac and my MacBook Air. The iTunes upgrade, which is an essential precursor to today, was done last night.

The iPhone installation went without hitch, although it was a protracted process with at least one interlude when the home screen popped up without most of my apps. I thought for a moment something had gone wrong, but iTunes sprang back into life and started restoring all the apps after asking me for my Apple ID. So far I haven’t had time to play with the new system

Migrating to iCloud

Migrating from Mobile Me to iCloud has to be done on a computer. I was a little confused about whether to use my original Mac ID, which was based on @mac.com or the @me.com alias. I used @me.com and it was clear that the Mac ID accepts either version. Up to now I’ve been using only @mac because I didn’t want to cause any problems. Now, it seems, the system recognises either as the valid ID.

Before updating I was warned that I should manage any family accounts before pressing the button. Existing family members can upgrade to iCloud when they are ready, but it will not be possible to add or delete members once the primary member updates. I didn’t need to make any changes, but I hope Apple is right in saying the other account holders can upgrade individually. We’re still waiting for iPhone 4S consignments, so updating others isn’t on the cards for the time being.

All went well until I pressed the final button to migrate to iCloud and got a message telling me that migration cannot be done at the moment, please try later. Interesting times, especially at Apple Data HQ.


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