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Converts: From sceptic to geek in twelve short months


Last year a friend asked my advice on buying an iPad. She’s a similar age to me and up to quite recently has been relatively tech-averse, relying on a Windows laptop and expressing little interest in the latest developments. It was David Hockney who set the ball rolling. She’d read that he was addicted to painting on the iPad and wondered whether it would be something she could do. It was and she did. She bought a second-hand iPad and soon had a stable of drawing apps to play with. She remained focused on drawing, but didn’t explore the iPad much further.

In the past few months the device has been working its magic on her. She is reading the news, browsing for Amazon bargains and thoroughly enjoying this new way of computing. In short, she’s hooked and is now turning her thoughts to an iPhone. She doesn’t value it for its phone capabilitird and certainly wouldn’t spend so much money if it were merely a phone. She has realised that it is a mini iPad and can do everything big brother can do but with a smaller form and tiny screen. She can carry it everywhere.

She is now hooked on Apple. After she suggested an iPhone 3GS I made the point that the iPhone 4 might be the ideal buy because it is has the same appearance as the new 4S but is likely to be considerably cheaper. Now she has decided on a 16GB 4S because she read in the newspaper that the new camera is so much better.

So a 4S it is. From little acorns….. I wonder if it will be a MacBook Air next year when the Windows laptop is ready for its pension?


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