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iOS 5: Errors 3200 and 3400 go viral


It seems I’m not the only one suffering from an installation error. As I said in my earlier posts, the iPhone installation went like a charm. But by the time I got round to updating my iPad, full of confidence, I got what appeared to be a break in the download of iOS 5. Try later, it said. Which I did, but now it looks like the download error has broken my iPad and I cannot even restore it to factory settings.

I am suffering from Error 3400, but from other reports it seems that Error 3200 is the one most people are getting. I’ve followed all the steps to resolve the issue, suggested by Apple, and have tried to initiate the restore five times. On every occasion the restore progresses until it reaches “restoring iPad firmware”. At this point it crashes and I get error 3400.

My suspicion is that the download of iOS 5 failed and this, in turn, has led to a corruption of the firmware on the iPad. No doubt it can be sorted out, even if I have to take it to Apple, but it is worrying that the problem appears to be so widespread.

I need some sleep now, so I will retackle the problem tomorrow morning. Maybe, by then, Apple will have come up with a solution.



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