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iOS 5 is nigh: Old MacIntosh had a server farm, E I E I O


I keep checking but iTunes, the new iTunes of course, keeps telling me my iPhone software is up to date. I suppose we have to wait another 30 minutes at least. And then the wheels at Old MacIntosh’s many server farms will be grinding exceeding slow, despite the massive expansion in the past year. Every iPhone owner and his dog will be attempting to download, no doubt. Dogs have more patience than me.

Don’t forget to update your iTunes to the new iTunes 10 before downloading iOS 5.



  1. 1 hour and 41 mins since my update for iOS 5 started and still only half done… As for Lion? Well, the update files got corrupted half way downloading, so I had to do a re-download. Just waiting for iOS to finish and then I can restart to see what new excitement my fading patience has granted me.

  2. Sorry to hear this. As you might see from my post update, everything went well until I tried to update my iPad. Maybe the servers are under great pressure and I wouldn't be surprised. I suppose we must put up with these things if we want to be on the bleeding edge.


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