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iCloud: Silver lining at last as Apple lets me ascend


Kicking my heels waiting for the 4S to arrive, I decided to have another stab at migrating my Mobile Me data to iCloud. There has been no negative coverage overnight, so I judged the initial teething problems have been solved. The migration went without a hitch and I have told all my devices (which, of course, I had previously updated with the latest software) that I’m now in the iCloud. I noticed that I have 55GB of storage, which is a result of my family membership of Mobile Me. So far I am using 4.5GB, so I can imagine that the free 5GB being given to all new iClouders will soon get tight.

The only slight problem I’ve encountered has been an inability to switch on Find My Mac on the MacBook Air. It has worked with my other devices and I can see them on the map on my iCloud web site. On the Air, the option is greyed out and I’m told to update the software. It checks but finds all the software up to date (which I knew anyway). It’s a minor glitch and I’ll put it on the back burner for a quieter moment and, maybe, a visit to the appropriate Apple Discussion.

Fingers crossed from now on.

(Apologies for the silly “let’s” typo in the heading)


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