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TomTom wilts in face of smartphone competition


Dedicated satnav devices are losing popularity as smartphones offer a simpler and neater solution for many users. Why have several devices when one small phone can do everything? TomTom, a company that has become almost synonymous with dedicated satnavs, has reported a ten percent year-on-year drop in sales.

The company is entering a period of restructuring in order to save costs. This doesn’t surprise me since navigation software for smartphones is cheaper than buying a separate satnav unit. There many are advantages in using a smartphone, not least of which is the ability to make and receive calls without a bluetooth link.

By far the biggest benefit, though, is that you have the latest equipment in your phone and the TomTom software is always up to date without the need for connecting to a computer and downloading the latest version.

TomTom’s software is still among the best and the new full-screen iPad app, free to owners of the iPhone software, is magnificent. I can see many iPad owners looking around for a suitable dashboard or window mount for their tablet. A 9.7in navigator will be something else.


  1. TomTom are wise to shift to the in-dash market where you get your GPS pre-installed in your car. They sold more than a million in Renaults and also offer it with Mazda, Toyota & Fiat. Also they will offer maps to smartphone vendors and apps for iphone/ipad. Android and WinMob apps soon to be launched.


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