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Three: 97 per cent of all cellular traffic is data


Three: 97 per cent of all traffic is data – Pocket-lint

Britain’s Three mobile network has revealed that a massive 97 percent of all traffic on its network is data. Admittedly, Three is more data orientated than the other carriers, but the figure is almost unbelievably high.

Yesterday we heard Noel Gallagher moaning about smartphones and saying he preferred his 1994 Nokia. Well, it seems he is more out of touch than we thought.

Now that VOIP services such as Skype, Viber and Tango are taking more and more traffic, the emphasis is moving from GSM voice calls into data. That, coupled with increased use of data for all purposes, is squeezing the traditional GSM and SMS services. With figures like those from Three, it can only be a matter of time before data totally eclipses GSM. It is quite possible to imagine all traffic going via data within just a few years.

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  1. Three's network is good, but if you have a problem just give up. They shut off a mast in my area meaning I couldn't get any signal, and I had to spend 15 hours on the phone to let me cancel the contract.

    Also when I went to the Putney store, near the train station to get a new SIM Card I phoned them up before and they said they had loads of ones. When I got there I got told

    ‘Sorry we don’t have any C20 SIM Cards. Why didn’t you mention that?’

    So next week I phoned up again and asked if they had any C20 SIM Cards and again they said they had stock, but when I got there the same person that told me I had a C20 SIM Card the week before said that C20s don’t exist, just 1, 2, 3, 4s, and that the person must’ve been lying. When I told him that it was him he denied he’d spoken to me.

    When I phoned up CS in India they were actually very good and helpful, and the person said there was no way for me to know what number my SIM Card was, it’s just a random allocation to which server it was.

    To top that all off it took about 5 minutes to be served at the stop because the person told me to wait while they were playing on their phone. And no they weren’t doing anything important, I saw the screen, it was a game.

    Finally they also halved my data allowance without telling me and said that I was a liar and it was always like that, even they changed it after about 3 months on the contract.

    All in all, I think you can see why I'm not happy with Three!


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