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Jawbone’s Live Up system to monitor your exercise and diet


For years I’ve kept a small Omron pedometer in my pocket. It counts my steps, calculates miles, aerobic walking and calories. It seems pretty accurate, but it is low-tech because every few days I have to transfer the readings to a Numbers spreadsheet so I can plot my walking and exercise progress.

For a time I was seduced by the Fitbit which offered to provide an electronic wireless solution, but the device never made it to Europe, despite promises and nearly two years’ waiting. Now comes what appears to be an even better solution of device and app from Jawbone, known for their bluetooth headsets and portable speakers.

The device itself takes the form of a wristband which features “MotionX” technology to tracks your movement and, even, your sleep activity. There is even a vibrator to remind you when you haven’t moved for a time. Just what I need, I suspect. It works in conjunction with an iPhone app which tracks progress and also allows you to enter details of meals. You can even compete with friends to meet targets, such as walking 10,000 steps a day.

The band, which costs £79, looks less obtrusive than most fitness monitors and can be worn all the time, even in the shower. It syncs with the iPhone app by cable.

Regular readers will know that I’m a great fan of Withings scales and blood pressure monitors (available in Apple Stores) which provide a really seamless, synchronised way of checking your statistics. I’m hoping the new Jawbone UP system will add this degree of automation to my regular walking statistics. The device is currently on pre-order and will be released later this month. When I’ve tried it out I will report back on results.


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