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Self-checkout, in-store collection now in US Apple Stores



That’s what comes of reading and passing on unfounded rumours. Last week I announced confidently that in-store pickup and self-checkout would be launching worldwide on November 3. Some months ago I promised I would indulge myself in rumour-mongering but wait for the reality. Sadly, last week I was suckered in by the excitement.

I was wrong on two counts. The date was wrong. The two services launched today, five days late. But I was also wrong on the world-wide bit. The enhancements are currently limited to stores in the USA, but there is hope that they will be rolled out to other countries soon.

On the left is a screen from the revised Apple Store app which allows iPhone 4 and 4S owners to scan a barcode and complete the in-store purchase by means of the credit card lodged with iTunes. No news so far on how security staff differentiate between legally purchased goods and those simply lifted from the shelves. 

(Via Macrumors.com)


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