Home Tech Half a day of (Kindle) Fire and a surprising conclusion

Half a day of (Kindle) Fire and a surprising conclusion


A Day of (Kindle) Fire — 512 Pixels

Stephen M. Hackett tests the Kindle Fire but didn’t get to the end of the first day. Just when I was thinking of ordering one……..

Screw This — I’m Done

I can’t take it anymore. I’m already tired of this device.

Look, here’s the thing: the Kindle Fire sucks unless you are earlobe-deep in Amazon’s ecosystem. Even then, the hardware and software aren’t stellar. It’s cheaply made with a small screen and a heavy chassis. The software is laggy and crashes at times. The weird UI means apps are never where you left them.

It’s just like the e-ink Kindles — a front-end to Amazon’s stores. (And unlike the e-ink versions, reading on this thing sucks, since it is a backlit LCD.) This thing isn’t an iPad killer. Hell, it isn’t even a Generic Android Tablet killer.

Now, I like my e-ink Kindle. But it isn’t trying to be anything but an e-reader. The Fire has a serious identity crisis, and as such, it isn’t good at anything, really.

(Via 512pixels.net)


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