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Why Paul Thurrott hates the Kindle Touch


Amazon Kindle Touch

After recommending the new Kindle Touch as the best of the e-ink Kindles, I’ve had second thoughts while reading this review from Windows fan-in-chief Paul Thurrott:

It all starts with the power button, which is one of only two physical buttons on the entire device. Like previous Kindles, it can be found on the bottom of the device. Unlike with previous Kindles, this thing is in fact a button, and not a slider/switch that requires an explicit effort to engage. And that means it’s very easy to trigger by mistake.

Worse, he says, the touch screen switches the device on and off as it lies in a bag. And it does unpredictable things by moving the location back and forth and, even, to the end of the book. With Whispersync, navigating to the end of the book in mid read is something of a logistical disaster.

He also has issues with the user interface which is counter-intuitive and frustrating.

All this is a pity. I had considered ordering a Kindle Touch, especially after linking to Shawn Blanc’s positive review. Now I’m having second thoughts. I still have my old Kindle, my iPad and my iPhone. Of the three, the Kindle gets little use, the iPad gets some use, but the powerhouse reader for my book is the humble, mini-screen iPhone. Try it, you’ll like it.

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