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Apple iCloud from a Windows perspective


Paul Thurrott of Supersite for Windows isn’t known for his Apple-friendly stance. But he loves iCloud and thinks it is pretty near perfect. This is the best and most comprehensive review of iCloud I’ve read. Windows users will find the section on iCloud and Windows interesting.

But Paul was less enthusiastic about iWork:

These applications—Pages for word processing, Numbers for spreadsheets, and Keynote for presentations—are what Microsoft Office would look like if they were designed by Fisher Price. (Well, except for Keynote, which is actually pretty excellent if completely useless to most people.) That is, they are pretty and bright looking but immature and not full-featured. Nor are they compatible with anything else.

Read the full article here: Apple iCloud

and while you are at it, read why Marco Arment, author of Instapaper, has given up evangelising Apple to Windows users.

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