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Apple’s packaging room does not surprise


It’s no surprise to learn from Adam Lashinsky’s Inside Apple that Apple has a secret room devoted solely to designing product packaging and trying out all the options. Apple’s packaging, majoring on customer-friendly and recyclable cardboard, is a paragon of style and economy. Just look at the 11in MacBook Air box and marvel at the thought that has gone into such economy of space and sheer cuteness. The same goes for most Apple products, with plastic packaging kept down to an absolute minimum.

Contrast Apple’s excellence with the packaging of most modern gadgets and gizmos. It seems that everything has to be enclosed in a plastic strongbox that defies scissors or hammers and risks the new owner’s life and limb. I detest these user-unfriendly monstrosities. They should be banned and everyone should be shamed into following Apple’s lead.

(Via AppleInsider)


  1. I couldnt agree more!!!! The idiot who invented Blister packs should be sent to the lowest level of Hell,and there be forced to spend the rest of eternity opening heavy gauge plastic blister packs with only his fingers.

    Not only do they make it frequently impossible to check if the gizmo inside the plastic is the correct size for the function you have in mind, but as you say, that plastic is so damn sharp! And why are they always so huge?

    OK, enough of the Grumpy Old Man stuff….


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