Home Tech Virgin Media boosts top broadband speed to 120 Mb

Virgin Media boosts top broadband speed to 120 Mb


Virgin’s cable broadband service remains one of the most reliable and powerful systems available in the UK. We are lucky enough to have cable in the neighbourhood and we’ve enjoyed a trouble-free and speedy service for many years.

Friends with telephone-based broadband have not been so lucky, suffering outages, slower-than-promised speeds and, sometimes, frustrating set-up procedures. In comparison, Virgin’s cable broadband service is a paragon of easy set up and faultless reliability.

Currently we take Virgin’s 50 Mb service and regular speed tests show it is giving what it says on the tin: 49.95 Mb down and 4.75 up. Now, Virgin is upping the download speed to 120 Mb at no extra cost. Can’t be bad.


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