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Evernote Essentials: Brett Kelly’s peerless guide to Evernote


Today alone I have managed to mention Evernote twice in relation to workflow and productivity. This free application, with Mac, iPhone and iPad versions, is the place I store most of the stuff I want to remember and refer back to later. Using the handy webclipping tool, you can send any web page direct to Evernote; you can add pdfs, photos, make notes and import just about any type of information.

As I’ve mentioned, Evernote also lends itself to adaptation as a project manager and task organiser and, as such, can even rival OmniFocus. In fact, in one respect—the ability to store formatted notes—it actually betters OF.

My experience of using Evernote was transformed three months ago when I purchased Brett Kelly’s e-book, Evernote Essentials. It is just about the best hands-on guide to getting the most from Evernote from the pen of a real power user. The book has been so successful that Brett has sold 10,000 copies and expects to go over the 12,000 market within the next few weeks. Says Brett:

My goal in writing this is twofold; take people from Evernote Newbie to Evernote Ninja and take the Evernote Ninjas and show them a few tricks and advanced techniques they never knew existed. A lofty goal, I admit. But, I’m one of the biggest Evernote nerds you’re likely to come across and I think that, if you’re really interested in getting the most out of Evernote, this is the book for you. So, rather than continue prattling on about it, we’re going to get into the nuts and bolts of the application, the web service and the mobile platforms (yes, Evernote is all of these things). We’ll cover how to configure Evernote for the first-timers as well as how experienced Evernoters can make the most out of things like tagging and advanced searching.

If you would like to know more, click here to visit Brett Kelly.


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