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Patent Wars: Sick to the back teeth of this nonsense


Am I the only one who is sick to the back teeth of all this patent fueding that seems to be dominating the world of technology? First Apple wins an injunction in Germany, then Samsung wins out in Australia. Then iPads have to be removed from sale in China.

And these are just the manoeuvrings of the big players, who should know better, never mind the activities of the rather disreputable and unsavoury patent trolls who are seeking constantly to extract large sums from tech companies on the basis of some obscure technicality.

In the latest move, Motorola has forced Apple to halt iCloud push services in Germany. I imagine Apple will find a pretext for some counter action against Motorola in yet a third country.

Where will all this end? I don’t know, except that the poor consumer is on the losing end, inconvenienced and disadvantage by protectionism and the in-built cost of litigation. Frankly, I am sick of reading about all this nonsense.

Who will save the world from lawyers and all their works?


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