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New iPad is start of Mac-like naming system


After the first shock of the no-name iPad, I now begin to see the logic behind Apple’s decision. Since the introduction of the first iPhone we have had a hotchpotch naming system–iPhone, 3, 3GS, 4, 4S–which leaves everyone guessing. And it can get confusing.

I suspect a decision has been take to simplify naming by adopting a similar system to that used for Macs. We don’t have a MacBook Pro 2S or a MacBook Air 3, we simply have one name. The specs and design change, new models are introduced, but the same old name continues. Apple refers internally to the models as “late 2011” or “early 2010” but the average customer doesn’t have a clue.

So the rather strange departure from the iOS convention could make a lot of sense. We will know for sure when the new iPhone comes along in the summer. I would place good money (there goes another £1) on it being called simply “the new iPhone”.


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