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Why I went for the 64GB 4G iPad this time round


My iPad order went through with no trouble early this morning. The UK store was still down when I nodded off last night. This time, unlike with the iPhone 4S, orders are being fulfilled by mail and I have a 16 March despatch date. Frustratingly I shall be in China so will have to wait until I return to play with the new toy.

This time round I had intended to go for the 32GB 4G model because I have never even approached the 64GB capacity of the iPad 2. However, the increased emphasis on photography with the new iPhoto app, plus the likelihood of more media streaming, made me decide to stick with the 64GB memory.

Here in Britain it costs £659, including our 20 percent VAT (sales tax). The old iPad 2 with wifi only is now a very attractive £329 and I expect it to be very popular.

Why pay the extra for 4G? For one thing, it is just so convenient not to have to search for a wifi spot and it avoids the need to use the iPhone for tethering. Also, since the theft of my gear in Athens, I am sold on Find My iPad. Without 3G I would not have found the iPad. I would have also lost a MacBook Air and a nice bag. So 3/4G is now a no brainer for me.


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