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iPhone battery Low: Batten down the hatches


Summer is here and I’ve been travelling light today. I left my Tom Bihn Ristretto at home and set off with just my iPhone.

Predictably, the battery is down to 30 percent at 4 pm and I will definitely be running on reserve by the time I get home.

Normally I would just plug in my Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation and get another day’s life, but I am now reduced to battening down the hatches.

There are three useful things you can do in these circumstances. First is to turn down the brightness as low as possible. It isn’t pleasant to have to squint at the screen, but needs must.

Then turn off 3G and wifi. Finally, close down any apps you suspect might be communicating behind your back, especially anything that uses locations. Switching the phone off and on is the sure way to do this.

Now I just have to keep my fingers well crossed for the rest of the afternoon. I am reminded to carry a tiny pocketable backup battery in future.


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