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Living Without the Internet: Paul Miller tries a year off


Paul Miller, writing in The Verge, describes the first of 352 days without the internet. He’s unplugged his ethernet and swopped his smartphone for the dumbest of dumbphones. Ah, I thought, the luxury of youth in taking a whole year off from anything. As you get older, you live for the minute and grab every megabyte you can. You just can’t afford to waste a whole year.¬†

Is there any possible merit in living without the internet for a year? Is the internet such a bad thing that we would be better off without it? I think not. For me, it is a liberating experience and I readily admit to being an addict. I get antsy if leave home without my smartphone and have to return immediately; I can’t imagine even a day off, never mind a year.¬†

The mere thought of going back to paper news, paper books, snail mail and red telephone boxes brings me out in a sweat. I’m as likely to voluntarily give up on broadband and 3G as I am to move to a remote island equipped with oil lamps, a goat for milk and live chickens to slaughter. Good luck to Mr. Miller. He should be raving within the week.


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