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iPad Keyboards: Wired or Bluetooth, that is the question


The iKey 30 includes a simple foldable plastic support for the iPadHaving praised Apple’s Wireless Keyboard in the last item, I do have some reservations about using a Bluetooth keyboard with the iPad. No doubt about it, the Apple keyboard works well once you have it connected. But this is a rigmarole you face every time you set it up. Worse still, unless you remember to switch off the keyboard, or turn off Bluetooth on the device, you can have unpredictable happenings once tablet and keyboard are back in your bag.

The most annoying manifestation of this is phantom music coming from your Ristretto. For some reason, at least on my set up, the keyboard manages to open the music app which starts playing at random. To avoid this, I have to remember to switch off before packing up. This is surprisingly difficult to remember to do.

A wired keyboard, on the other hand, can have some benefits, even on the desktop where it is a sure-fire way to wake a sleeping computer in the event of wireless failure. With the iPad, I could readily take to a wired keyboard provided it isn’t significantly heavier or bulkier than the Apple wireless device. That’s why I am keen to try the new iKey30 wired key Board from MacAlly. Although it has the disadvantage of occupying the connection port, thus preventing simultaneous charging, it does offer instant connection and disconnection. It also takes its power from the tablet and needs no batteries. One to try.


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