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MagNotSoSafe as new connector makes older chargers redundant


Since the introduction of the wonderful MagSafe power adaptor I’ve acquired a fair collection of power units in all three sizes, 45w, 60w and 85w. There’s convenience to this. Like the sailor, I now have an adaptor in every port, if not in every room.

My first thought on hearing that the new line of laptops will feature MagSafe 2 was that all my chargers would be for the scrap heap. Not quite so, because Apple has also introduced a tiny (and supremely losable) adaptor to convert the old connector to the new.

Second thought was that I’m going to need one of these new adaptors for all of my chargers strewn around Europe. I can’t rely on having that tiny gizmo in my cable bag at all times. Unfortunately (and predictably) this little device is not cheap. All of £9, and I reckon I will need about eight if I am move around the Continent in comfort and with peace of mind. 

MacTrast has provided a good overview of the new MagSafe and Thunderbolt accessories.


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