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The Temptress gets her men: Falling like ninepins


I’m not the only MacBook Air afficionado tempted by the high-def charms of the new MacBook Pro. My friend Austin White of ThoughtfulDesign is sitting on the same fence as me. We’ve both noted the charms of the super-sharp temptress but we are tending back towards a new MacBook Air. I would love a retina-display MacBook Pro, but I think I would regret having to carry the extra weight.

Other well-known writers have thrown in the towel and ditched their Airs. Ben Brooks, who I thought was made of sterner stuff, capitulated in seconds and ordered The Temptress.

Jason Snell of MacWorld has already done quite an in-depth review of the new MacBook Pro but he, like me, is unsure whether or not he would be happy to trade the size and convenience of his 11in Air for that gorgeous retina display: “I’ve been using an 11-inch MacBook Air for so long now, it’s very hard for me to judge a 15-inch laptop. It feels enormous to me.”


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