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iPad Smart Case reviewed by Pocket-lint


Were I not so delighted with my Targus faux-leather iPad case I could be tempted by one of these. That bright red is the colour to get because it will ensure you can always find your iPad. It also reduces the risk of leaving the device on some cafe table. Black just melts into the background. I put a red leather case on my iPhone 4S and and I’ve never looked black. It has caught my attention in the nick of time on several occasions. 

Today’s review by Pocket-lint says it all. I’ve seen some stiff criticism of the new case but, in fact, it is just what I’ve always wanted. On my iPad 2 I had a Smart Cover teamed with a plastic snap-on back and it worked well. Apple’s new combo is the answer if you want to offer your iPad full protection while keeping the bulk to the absolute minimum. I might get one just for the heck of it. Love that red.

Photo: Pocket-lint


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