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A Mac User Group near you


As a newcomer to the world of Apple (a mere seven years), I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience from my membership of the . These clubs exist throughout the world and attract a surprisingly wide range of talents.

Earlier this evening I was guest at the Surrey MUG meeting which took place at the Solutions Premium Reseller in Guildford. For those of you outside the UK, the city of Guildford is about 35 miles south-west of London. I had been invited by London MUG member, Maurice Baker who lives near Guildford and spreads his attention between the two groups. He is editor of the London MUG’s monthly magazine, SoundByte. 

Hot topic of the evening was the new range of Macs launched at last week’s WWDC in San Francisco. Naturally emphasis was on the retina display MacBook Pro and I was able to have another play with the toy I am expecting to be delivered in a month’s time. 

Store manager Peter Broadbridge was on hand to answer any questions and take members through the new range. For those of us spoiled by nearby Apple Stores, it is interesting to see the level of enthusiasm and commitment of authorised resellers such as Solutions.

They can often offer a whole different dimension of personal service. And I am always fascinated to find a more eclectic mix of accessories, unlike in Apple’s own stores where everything is the same from Boston to Beijing. All in all, an interesting evening and I would recommend visiting your local Mac User Group if you have bought a Mac recently and want to learn more about all things Apple.


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