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Vodafone’s patchy reception in London


Over recent months I’ve noticed more and more Vodafone 3G general data outages and localised blackspots here in West and Central London. I have Vodafone SIMs in both my iPhone and my iPad, which is probably a mistake since I have no alternative to fall back on. On my daily meanderings I know several areas where the 3G signal either disappears or changes to E (Edge). Sometimes, even in the middle of this thrusting Olympic city, I am left staring at the little “o” symbol or at nothing at all.

As an example, this morning I went to the Apple Store at the large Westfield Mall at White City. Normally Vodafone 3G reception is strong inside the Mall. Today, when I retired to Caffe Concerto for a cappucino, Vodafone data service was completely out. I had to drink up and retreat to the Apple Store before I could send the emails I had written. 

This is a subjective assessment and, maybe, I am just unusually unlucky. However, I would be interested to hear from other readers who have had similar experiences. Before Vodafone I had O2 on my iPhone and seldom experienced problems. I have several friends still on O2 and they get a good signal most of the time. Perhaps, it is time to go back to O2 for at least one of my devices. I should add that I own stock in Vodafone and, so far, have tried to be supportive. 

Fortunately both my devices are on monthly renewing contracts so I am footloose and fancy free.


  1. I’ve noticed exactly the same. From my desk today in St. Paul’s I had zero data and its been that way since Thursday. What’s infuriating is when I call Vodaphone they tell me to "go outside – we can’t guarantee reception in buildings" Totally ignoring the fact that it often does work.

    Out of deseration (i need the phone for business) I went to 3 to buy a 3G data card – only to later realise they share network infrastructure in that area at least – so that hasn’t worked since thurs either!!!

    I’m leaving them Vodaphone when my contract expires in 1 week.


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