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The Verge reads behind the Murdoch paywall


What interested me most about today’s story on RIM in The Verge was not the possible fate of the Canadian phone manufacture, but that someone has actually quoted The Sunday Times or The Times. Newspapers behind paywalls do not get quoted. In fact, this is the first time I have seen The Times or The Sunday Times referenced in a tech blog post for over a year. The old Thunderer has become the Wimp.

I read both papers on my iPad (taking advantage of the £2-per-week subscription; a penny more and it’s out of the door). But I can never be bothered to quote anything because it is impossible to copy stuff or create a link.

Often I see something of interest and take a screenshot (I call this Instafudge) but I then forget to look it up.  I’m just too lazy to re-type long tracts and give The Times the satisfaction of a mention. 

This is why outsiders would be forgiven for thinking there are only three national newspapers in the UK: The Telegraph, The Guardian and The Mail. All of them allow linking and, as a result, get endless free publicity.

Paywalls suck.


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