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Keyboards don’t sell tablets


Here’s an interesting take on the subject of tablets and keyboards. The currently vapourous Microsoft Surface, with attached keyboard, has upped the ante this month. People have begun to wonder whether a keyboard-equipped tablet will capture the public’s imagination and whether Apple will suffer as a result.

I’ve often used the Apple wireless keyboard with my iPad and it is an acceptable combination. Some third-party covers/keyboards are even more convenient, although personally I don’t like to have the additional bulk on my iPad all the time.

Nonetheless, we can’t escape the impression that adding a keyboard to a tablet is rather fudging the issue. If you really do need a keyboard and want to be a productive writer, what you really need is a MacBook Air. Not an iPad, nor a Microsoft Surface for that matter. The Air, as I have frequently pointed out, is hardly larger than an iPad and weighs the same as an iPad/keyboard combination.

If you need a keyboard only occasionally, and major on media consumption, then a tablet is better.

(Via Gottabemobile.com)


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