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MagSafe 2 Problem: Breaking circuit


Strange happenings with the MagSafe 2 connector on my new Air. While at Zurich airport earlier today I plugged in the adaptor and didn’t get any power. I tried several sockets and then removed and replaced the connector on the computer. No power, so my first thought was that the power circuit in the departure lounge was switched off.

Arriving in Athens, I again plugged in the charger and, once more, there was no power light. I got out the handy MS1-MS2 adaptor from my cable bag and tried connecting an old Apple charger. Success.

Again I went back to the charger supplied with the Air and iit still didn’t work. However, after some fiddling and wiggling I got a connection. There seems to be some sort of misalignment that occasionally causes the circuit to break.

I will persevere until I get back to the UK. If it does happen again I think a Genius Bar visit is warranted.

Has anyone else noticed similar behaviour with the new connector?


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