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Apple results and a possible Mountain Lion bonus


This evening we get the results of Apple’s third-quarter trading. As usual there have been conflicting views from analysts. Some are predicting lower-than-expected figures while others are promising another blockbuster quarter. Whatever the figures, they will make interesting reading. With luck, too, we will have Mountin Lion to add to the excitement.

As Pietro Montalcino suggests in his Moutnain Lion review, the new operating system is likely to be released this evening or tomorrow. The launch was promised for July and we are now running out of days. It seems logical to me that Apple will take the opportunity of tonight’s results to press the button.

Pietro lists four aspects of Mountain Lion that excite him:

  • Exposé
  • Notes.app
  • Documents in iCloud
  • OS X Mountain Lion being the OS that Lion never was 

I’d add to this the new Reminders.app which I have been using extensively on iPad and iPhone. I like it, in particular, as a listmaker rather than as a simple project manager (for this I prefer the power of OmniFocus). But for checkbox lists of books, movies, travel packing and suchlike, Reminders does the job well. Together with the new Notes.app and the renamed Calendar and Contacts app, Mountain Lion will offer a fully rounded set of free personal information management tools for everyone. New Mac users now have everything to hand with no need to buy additional software unless they want advanced features.

With synchronisation of all this information across all devices, Apple now has an even more powerful reason for consumers to join the eco-system.


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