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New iPhone: Rumours, more rumours and a few possible facts


For months we’ve had rumours about the specification and appearance of this year’s iPhone. We’ve been inundated with stories about the supposed iPad Mini.

Now, according to iMore.com¬†we have a plausible date for the launch of these new devices. Specifically, Rene Ritchie of iMore has plundered “sources who have proven accurate in the past” to predict the great day as Wednesday, 12 September.

In addition to the new phone, according to Ritchie, we will get the iPad mini, a new iPod touch and the new devices will be available to buy on 21 September.

I tend not to take much notice of rumours and I’m usually content to wait until we get facts, but the idea of a September launch is pretty novel. Last year the iPhone 4S was announced in October and I still think that is the month we’ll see this year’s launch. An earlier appearance in September will certainly be welcome, if only to cut down on rumour time.

(Via idownloadingblog.com)


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