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Controlling desires with concentration


This morning I discovered an interesting site called The Art of Manliness. Lots of good tips here and I must go back for an in-depth browse. But what caught my eye was an article on The Power of Concentration published in 1918.

 Exercise No.7: Practice talking before a glass
Exercise No.7: Practice talking before a glass

Great stuff here and I’m surprised I haven’t been doing all this before. I recognised the symptoms:

if you went to the gym and tried to lift weights only to find your arms and legs were weak and flabby, you’d start a program of weekly exercises to strengthen your muscles. Well, your mind is a kind of muscle too! And just like the muscles in your body, your brain needs weekly exercise to tone up the strength of its focus and concentration

I don’t even go to the gym, but I know all about it. I feel better just by reading the headlines: Sitting Still in a Chair; Fix Gaze on Fingers; Fix Eyes on Outstretched Glass; Concentrate on Opening and Closing Fists; Practice Talking Before a Glass (I think this is 1918-speak for mirror, but I do this anyway; it’s called old age); and Controlling Desires.

Yes, sir, I’m up for this and I’ll have a glass in my outstretched fist as soon as I’ve finished writing this story. A wee dram of Glenmorangie in it, I think.