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iPhone: Bigger but not big enough?


I quite like big phones as long as they are not too big to fit in the pocket. If I could scale my iPhone like I can pinch-zoom a web page, it would probably end up with a screen of about five inches, never mind the miserable four inches we are going to get on September 12.

This CNET article rounds up all the phones with “ginormous” screens. They’re a glitterful bunch by any standard.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note (Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

Only last week I saw one of these Galaxys being used by my neighbour on the Piccadilly Line train to Cockfosters. I cannot deny I very was impressed. It made me think about my use of a phone.

It certainly isn’t for making calls; I seldom make more than a couple a day. Most of my communication is done by email and SMS, but the rest of the time I’m reading news, devouring books, browsing and writing. What I really need is a small iPad in my pocket, one that can make the odd phone call when push comes to shove. 

In fact, the line between phone and tablet is becoming blurred, with Samsung, LG and the rest bridging the cap between the now tiny iPhone and the rather hefty iPad. Even a seven-point-X iPad is far too big to slip in a pocket, but the Samsung Galaxy is just on cusp between convenience and size.

I am wedded to Apple’s eco-system, of course, and I don’t see any chance of my moving to another camp. But it doesn’t stop me casting envious glances at my neighbour’s pretty tablet phone.