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Bye bye Desperate Dan, bye bye Korky the Cat


Childhood comics leave an indelible imprint on the consciousness, long after they’ve been outgrown. For me, as an under-ten, Beano and Dandy were my weekly fare. Sad to see, then, that Dandy has been laid to rest after 75 years. Goodbye Beryl the Peril.

I haven’t followed the fortunes of Dandy since I was a tiny tyke, but now I read some of the trials of the past years I can see how it failed. After being rebranded as “Dandy Xtreme”, Dandy turned all modern and featured comic strips with Simon Cowell, Jamie Oliver and Jeremy Clarkson. Worthy role models, no doubt, but Jamie O’s wholesome concoctions can’t hold a candle to Desperate Dan’s cow pie in the child’s eye. I shall be forever stuck with Beryl the Peril and a big helping of cow pie.

Via The Telegraph