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Dock placement: Dare to be different


Stephen Hackett of 512 Pixels has raised the hackles of the community by daring to place his Mac dock on the right of the screen, pinned to the bottom. As he says, it is all a matter of personal preference and not a big scandal.

I agree with him that the default placement of the dock, at the bottom of the screen, is a waste of pixel real estate. My fad is to keep the dock on the left, but then I do strictly ration the number of apps stored there. Invariably I use Launchbar’s Command-spacebar ABC routine to launch apps.

I am absolutely sure that the majority of Mac users leave the dock where it is by default at the bottom of the screen. I have tried to sugget to friends, particularly if I am setting up a new machine, that they consider an alternative placement. So far, none has taken me up on this suggestion and all stick stubbornly to the default.

It’s good, then, to read Stephen’s article on dock placement. He makes a compelling case for moving the dock to one or other side of the screen.

What do you think?