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Mac.Tuts Plus: The place for tutorials

  Photo: Mac.tutsplus
Photo: Mac.tutsplus

by Mike Evans, 18 August 2012

Three days ago I referred to a mac.tutsplus tutorial on setting up a new Mac. I hadn’t discovered mac.tutsplus before and have already squirreled away several articles for future reference.

Resulting from this good experience I set up a subscription and have been reading the latest posts. Another great tutorial appeared today, a complete beginner’s guide to Disk Utility. This is an invaluable work of reference and I’ve already learned stuff I didn’t know.

How often, for instance, do you run Repair Permissions? The article points out it isn’t a panacea that should be taken daily. Rare to never is the conclusion. According to the article, some experts claim that repairing disc permissions is useless 99.9 percent of the time.

This is straightforward, step-by-step good advice for any Mac user and I think you should sign up for the RSS feed now.


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