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Donkey-fi comes to the east

  Braylakis, Mykonos
Braylakis, Mykonos’ finest, is feeling very left out now Israeli compatriots are equipped with wifi. UPDATE: Readers tell me the beast in this picture is a horse! Just shows how much I know about animals, although I do know a thing or two about wifi. Better I stick to tech stuff in future.

Now you can’t even take a quiet and peaceful donkey ride without tweeting and posting to Facebook. Donkeys in the northern Israeli town of Hoshaya are carrying wireless routers round their necks in case tourists feel a bit cut off. Braylakis the Greek donkey horse is not amused as you can see in the photo.
Via TheVerge

by Mike Evans, 22 August 2012

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  1. Well, if that is a horse it has remarkably large ears for one……. Perhaps it is a mix? A sort of low tech Greek hybrid?
    Frankly I hate the idea of a donkey/horse or even hephalump being equipped with a WiFi router…. Surely we can be out of contact for a couple of peaceful hours as we uncomfortably ride along on a donkey? The world has gone mad.

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