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Nikon’s web-surfing camera is a first

  Mini tablet. Turn it round and it
Mini tablet. Turn it round and it’s all zoom

Want to surf the web on your camera and upload your photos to social sites without having to take your SD card to a computer? Nikon has just announced a world first: The Android-powered S800c point-and-shoot camera with 25-250mm zoom can also play at being a mini tablet. I predicted the announcement in this article on August 9. The S800c will sell in Britain for £150.

The point-and-shoot camera market has been badly hit by competition from smartphones. The iPhone 4s has an astoundingly good camera when you consider that photography is such a small part its arsenal. While higher-end pro-sumer and professional cameras have been increasing sales, cheaper products have been floundering. Nikon clearly hopes that the S800c will kickstart the lower end of the market.

Via DpReview

by Mike Evans, 22 August 2012

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