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Browett’s old firm slapped down by consumer group


Probably nothing for Apple to worry about, but John Browett’s alma mater, Dixons, is in the firing line for poor customer service. A survery in Which? magazine involved taking 24 laptops with simple introduced problems to a range of high-street retailers, including Dixons’ Currys and PC World.

Researchers found that only 13 of the laptops were restored correctly while 22 of the shops said the repair was successful and charged for it. Two non-Dixons retailers, Carphone Warehouse and Comet, came out better in the tests. Currys, on the other hand, fixed only two of the six computers. One branch charged £50 despite managing to erase the contents of the hard disk. Another took £120 for a disk that wasn’t necessary.

So far as I am aware, Apple Stores were not included in the research.

Via The Telegraph

by Mike Evans, 23 August 2012

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