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Trubble at’ Mill as Apple Store rumours persist


All is not well at your local Apple Store if persistent rumours are to be believed. Last month’s stories of cutbacks, layoffs and profit maximisation were smartly followed by John Browett’s backtrack memo. It wasn’t even a mea culpa, more a wea culpa. But according to reports, here from 9to5 Mac, “revenue emphasising policies” and budget cuts remain in force.

I do not know John Browett. I have never met him but I believe he is a nice guy. So does Tim Cook, apparently, or he wouldn’t have employed him. But what strikes an odd note is that Browett’s immediate background was at DSG Dixons where, over a number of years, he had every opportunity to turn Currys/PC World and other brands into successful operations to rival Apple’s stores.

He must have visited a number of Apple Stores, both in the UK and abroad, but there is absolutely no evidence from checking out a Currys/PC world magastore that he ever learned a thing. Quite the contrary, if truth be told.

If these rumours persist, and certainly if we detect a deterioration in staff/customer numbers and overall service at Apple Stores, the question will remain whether the dead hand of Currys/PC World is resting upon what is probably the world’s most successful retail operation of all time. It takes more than a missing apostrophe to make a success.

I could be doing John B a disservice and I apologise unreservedly if that is the case. But it makes you think.

My message to Apple: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

by Mike Evans, 29 August 2012