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A carpark, a carpark, my kingdom for a carpark


It now looks pretty certain that archeologists have found the remains of King Richard III under a carpark in Leicester:

(the skeleton) also has spinal abnormalities and an individual form of spinal curvature, which makes his right shoulder visibly higher than his left shoulder. We believe the individual would have had severe scoliosis. The skeleton was not a hunchback. It is consistent with other accounts of Richard III.”

Poor old Richard III, last of the Plantagenets, killed at the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 after only two years on the throne. Demonised by the cultural revisionists of the victorious Tudors, he had his notoriety confirmed by Shakespeare.

So it would not now be surprising to find that King Dick was much put upon and, beneath the armour, was an all-round good guy. He just had the misfortune to lose the war.

by Mike Evans, 12 September 2012