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Things you won’t like about the iPhone 5


The Sim Apple has opted for a whole new size of Sim card for the iPhone 5. The nano-Sim is 40% smaller than the micro-Sim card, another Apple innovation introduced with the iPhone 4 two years ago. Buyers will have to go through the hassle of having their contacts list transferred to the new size of card, or risk a botch job with a scalpel on their existing card.

This gem comes from a review of the iPhone 4 in today’s Sunday Times. Do you know anyone who still keeps contacts on a SIM card? What’s the point of having an iPhone 5, with Cloud sync, if you are going to hide away stuff on the card. This comment comes from planet Nokia 2002, not the world of Apple 2012.

After a fairly positive review, Matt Bingham descends into carping, including the SIM complaint: You won’t like “the new connector, prepare to fork out another £25” for an adaptor; you won’t like “the battery, like its precessors it is sealed in.”

Methinks he’s clutching at straws. The SIM card and the new Lightning connector represent logical progress which should be welcomed. Apple should be applauded for again leading the industry. The sealed battery is a now non-issue; it has not prevented the iPhone becoming the most successful consumer product of all time.

by Mike Evans, 16 September 2012