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Virus Barrier X6 in action. Yawn


August 27 this year and I installed a trial version of Virus Barrier X6. As I explained, I wanted to see if Mac protection was as intrusive and horrible as the Windows counterparts which I used before the Macascene conversion in 2005.

It’s now a month later and VB X6 has been beavering away in the backgroud. Yawn. Nothing has happened, which is probably a good sign, but nor have I noticed any reduction in performance nor had any intrusive warning notices. It has been business as usual.

So is it worth it? By waiting until the trail expired I got a nice discount and decided to give it a go for a year. At £35 it is probably worth it. Althogh I am by no means convinced I need it, it’s a case of being prepared. As Macs get more popular, the threat level rises and £35 is good for a bit of insurance. If you take your umbrella with you, it won’t rain. Except in Britain, that is.

by Mike Evans, 27 September 2012