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iPhone camera: Views of the experts


The iPhone 5 camera is impressive. But so was that in the 4S. It’s no wonder that smartphones are now taking over from the cheaper end of the point-and-shoot market. Why carry around an extra gadget when the phone (the camera that is always in your pocket) can do just as well, if not better?

Respected photo review site, DPReview.com, has produce one of its long and detailed reports on the iPhone 5 as a camera. They call it a “Quick Review” but judge for yourself. This is part of the conclusion:

As we mentioned in the introduction to this article, the iPhone in its various iterations, has become (quite unexpectedly) one of the most popular digital cameras ever invented. We’ve come a long way since the craptacular 2MP obscuroscopes offered by the early models, to the point where the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 actually offer genuinely useful image quality that in favourable conditions, is hard to tell apart from the output from ‘proper’ cameras.

by Mike Evans, 3 October 2012