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Apple event, 23 October 2012

Apple’s presentation live, courtesy of Apple TV.

6.05: Five million iPhone 5s sold in the first weekend. Tim showing us a film of the launch day around the world. Apple has has also sold over three million iPod units, including the well-received iPod touch. After just one month Apple has 200 million iOS devices running iOS 6: It is the fastest upgrade rate of any software in history.

6.10: 300 billion iMessages sent, 28,000 messages per second; 160 million Game Centre account; Shared Photo Stream has resulted in over 70 million photos being shared, after only one month. App Store now has 275,000 custom apps for the iPad. Customers have downloaded 35 billion apps in total. $6.5 billion has been paid out to developers.

6.12: iBook Store now holds 1.5 million books and customers have downloaded over 400 million books. NEW VERSION of iBooks includes continuous scrolling instead of pagination; better iCloud synchronisation and sharing. iBooks now supporting over 40 languages. Available today as a free download.

6.15: Mac market has outgrown PC market six consecultive years. Mac is now No.1 PC in the US and No.1 notebook in the US. Phil Schiller takes us through the new developments in the Mac world.

MacBook: New 13in MacBook Pro. 0.75in thick, 20% thinner than previous model, one pound lighter. Full complement of ports, including two Thunderbolt, HDMI. Retina display with 2560 x 1600 pixels, four times that of the previous generation. It is the world’s second highest definition portable computer, second only to the 15in retina MBP. Intel Core i5 or i7, Inted HD graphics 4000. Battery life: Seven hours. Base model from $1,699 to $1,999.

Mac Mini: Dual or quad i5, i7, up to 16GB memory, starting at $599; server $599. World’s most energy efficient desktop.

iMac: No.1 desktop in the US. New model is thinner, only 5mm thick at the edges. Ivy Bridge processors. No optical drive. 27in has 2560×1440 display, 21.5in has 1920×1080.B HDD. Up to 3TB HDD, up to 32GB memory. Flash option has new fusion drive (also on Mini). Has 126GB flash storage fused with either 1TB or 3TB HDD. All software automativally fits in Flash, intelligent decision on which apps to keep in Flash. 21.5in starts at $1,299 (applause). 27in starts at $1,799. 21.5 ships November, 27in December.

6.30: Back to Tim Cook to talk about iPad. Two weeks ago Apple sold 100 millionth iPad. iPad accounts for 91 percent of all tablet web traffic. Now talking about the impact of the iPad on education. Announcing new version of iBooks Author (for Mac), including multi-touch widgets. Updates of books made easier. iPad is taking the business market by storm. 94% of Fortune 500 companies testing or deploying the iPad. Back to Phil Schiller.

iPad 4th generation: A6X chip doubles performance, same 10-hour battery life, 720p Facetime camera. 2x faster wifi, updated to Lightning connector. New cables for camera connections. No price changes.

iPad mini: Name confirmed. Entirely new design, aluminium enclosure. Much applause. 7.2mm thick, 25% thinner, as thin as a pencil. Weighs 0.68 lbs, 50% lighter, as heavy as a paper pad. Screen size compatible with current apps, 7.9in compared with 9.7in for the larger model. 1025×768 resolution the same as the second generation iPad. Now comparing with best Android tablet. iPad mini has thinner bezels, aluminium. 7in compared with 7.9 diagonal. 21.9sq in for Android, 29.6 on mini. Comparing better web browsing experience on the mini, huge difference. iPad mini 50% larger, but is thinner and lighter. Landscape is 2/3rds larger for web surfing.

Inside: Techology better than iPad 2. A5 dual-core chip, Facetime HD camera, 5Mp iSight camera, LTE and fast wireless, faster wifi, Lightning connector, 10-hour battery life. Jonathan Ive is talking about al-you-min-ium. Good for him. Thinner glass, largest and thinnest battery ever designed. “Incredibly thin and light, an extraordinary iPad.”

Prices: 16GB, wifi: $329. 32GB %429, 64GB $539, cellular $459 $559 $659. Preorder in UK from November 2, shipping a couple of weeks later.

Great ad with duet between piano-playing iPad and iPad mini.

Back to Tim Cook: Talking about innovation in 2012: Mountain Lion, two iPods, new iPhone 5, refreshed entire line-up of notebooks with retina display Pros; third generation and now replaced with faster fourth-generation iPad, new Mac Mini. It has been a truly prolific year of innovation for Apple.

by Mike Evans, 23 October 2012