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Shame on you, Amazon


I have always entertained warm feelings towards Amazon. No longer, however, after reading this disturbing story about a Norwegian Kindle customer who allegedly had her account closed and lost all the books she had bought over the years. Swedish blogger Martin Bekkelund tells the dismal tale in detail.

On the face of it, if the account is to be believed, this Kindle user has been falsely accused of being linked to some unspecified rogue customer and has been convicted and sentenced in absentia and without a shred of justification. At least, Amazon is not prepared to disclose any evidence.

It vividly demonstrates what can happen with Digital Rights Management and the odious system whereby your book purchases (often bought at greater cost than the companion printed volumes) can be taken back without explanation or justification. Imagine Amazon raiding your house and clearing the bookshelves; it is exactly the same thing.

Denying a customer access to books that she has bought in good faith is tantamount to theft in my opinion. At the very best it is reprehensible. At the very least Amazon should refund the total of purchases from day one. Shame on you, Amazon. I thought you were made of better stuff.

Is it too much to expect a public explanation?

by Mike Evans, 23 October 2012

25 October 2012: Amazon has recanted and given the books back to the buyer.