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Death spiral for Microsoft in full effect


Charlie Demerjian, writing in SemiAccurate, doesn’t mince his words when discussing recent happenings at Microsoft:

In the end, the death spiral for Microsoft is in full effect, and management is expending a lot of effort to speed it up. Anyone who dares point out that the entire system is collapsing, or worse yet suggests an alternative, gets Sinofsky’d. Or was it Guggenheimer’d? In any case, Microsoft is unwilling to change, and that is very clear. Even if they wanted to, they are culturally far beyond the point of being able to. What was a slow bleed of marketshare is now gushing, and management is clueless, intransigent, and myopic. Game over, the thrashing will continue for a bit, but it won’t change the outcome. Microsoft has failed.

For a more in-depth look at the Microsoft Surface, read this devastatingly critical article by MG Siegler.