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iOS6: Crashing apps and cache files


For several weeks I have been frustrated by frequent crashes of newspaper applications. Specifically, the standalone app for The Times frequently needs two or three attempts before it will load. And I have been plagued with frequent crashes. The Sunday Times app, which is on NewsStand, has been even more unreliable. This morning I tried to load it eight times and every time it crashed out.

Quite by chance, I decided to try it again after running my new PhoneClean application on both the iPhone and iPad. I wrote about PhoneClean here. As I suspected might be the case, The Sunday Times loaded first time without trouble.

Unfortunately that was not the end of my troubles with the Sunday Times app. I started reading the newspaper only to find the app crashed again when the iPad screen went to sleep.

Running PhoneClean solves the problem every time, so this is almost certainly a problem with the Sunday Times app’s cache. I will be interested if other subscribers have had similar difficulties.

by Mike Evans, 20 January 2013