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Leica M: On its way at last, in next few days

  Photo: Leica AG
Photo: Leica AG

Fans have been waiting six months for the prematurely announced Leica M, the first M rangefinder body to feature live view and the option of an electronic viewfinder. I hear mutterings that the long wait might be over within a day or two. Pessimists had been suggesting the newcomer would be delayed until April or, even, May; but I have heard mutterings about an arrival in London very soon, perhaps as early as next week. I have had mine on order since September, so I am hoping to be quick off the mark with this one. More details when I get my hands on the new all-black beast.

Update 7 March: Still no call from my dealer. I heard from another source that M’s for early custimers might not arrive until the end of March.

by Mike Evans, 26 February 2013