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Apple tight-pipped, Leica leaking like sieve


Apple has been keeping its powder dry of late. So much so that there has been little to talk about. This could change on Monday when new products will be announced during the World Wide Developers’ Conference in San Francisco. There are rumours of new MacBook Pros, even a new iPad and a fair certainty that we will be introduced to iOS7 in preparation for the launch in the autumn. As usual, Apple gives nothing away in advance.

Unlike Leica. This German company, which has nothing in common with Apple other than that it is another one that I follow avidly, has been leaking like a sieve for the past two weeks. The spec of the new X Vario camera has been in the public domain like the elephant in the room but no one believes it is true. Except me, that is. I am very gullible.

Whatever the stories, the first two days of next week should give us all more than a few column inches to string out. I am looking forward to getting the lowdown from both Cupertino and Solms. Cupertino, even more than Leica, needs something new. The lack of speculation over the last few months isn’t healthy. It seems that the days of gash iPhones left in downtown SF bars is over. It’s all very boring and, so far, predictable.


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